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>> today on "christian world news" droughts and famine strik horn of africa, millions in danger. what is keeping aid from reaching these december rat people. >> in the city where goliath grew up. what archaeologist are learning about these ancient philistine ruins. >> why christians and secularists are joining forces and they want to turn them into an islamic state.
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>> welcome everyone to "christian world news" i am george thomas. >> and i am wendy griffith. somalia is suffering from the world's worst famine in a generation. a severe drought is put an estimated 11 people at risk. tens of thousands have already died. >> and many more forced to flee their homeland. >> they are moving because they have lost all their stock as a result of the drought, and no other hope. >> worst drought in 60 years in southern parts of the country. somalia racked by little rain. malnutrition rates are among the highest. 1 mother makes a desperate plea for health. >> we are dying in the absence
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of humanitarian assistance, where is the u.n., where is the muslim world? we are suffering so the world should take action to save our lives. >> the united states is looseening rules meant to prevent funds from falling into the hands of al-qaeda-linked groups, al-shabab. >> aid going to refugee camps has no real down side. this is a massive humanitarian crisis wh 11 million people threatened by it. the concern policy makers have the aid organizations forceed to pay taxes to al-shabab or kick backs, this is something financially bull sters the organization. >> somalia is the most dangerous
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country in the world to work in, frequent kidnapings, killings. because of the drought they have recently resended that ban. >> they are rethinking the idea, you have 5,000 smallies going into ethiopia and 110,000 refugees and over 300,000 somalia refugees in kenya. 1 of al-shabab's recruiting tools is to say they are able to govern the territory they hold better than the competitor. the drought is driving people out of the areas is giving lie to that claim. >> they haven't seen a drought since the 1990s.
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>> what the united nations is doing to increase the level of aid going in there and at the moment we are providing some assistance but it is not enough. it is clearly not enough. >> clearly not enough. we are joined by nathaniel herd, world relief, policy adviser for conflicts and disaster. the u.n. has designated 5 regions in somalia as famine stricken. what are you doing to help the folks who are suffering from this famine? >> it is a humanitarian christian organization. 1 of the things we are doing issing makes sure people have access to clean water, repairing
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dams. and as a child-focussed organization, paying special attention to the needs of children. we are making sure we are able to identify children malnourish malnourished. >> you have been working in somalia since 1992 implementing various humanitarian programs. then this group al-shabab told you guys to get out last year. is that hindering your relief efforts today? >> world vision has been working in somalia even longer then that. we have been in the country more than 30 years and working well with communities. we are quite open about who we are, non political christian organization. we were asked to leave in 2010. the southern part of somalia, we continue to work in the north.
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with these recent pronouncements, we are very proactively assessing the security associaton. talking with our former staff and organizations that used to work in the south, u.n. and others to see if it is safe enough to return. as i syed yousuf raza gilani our respond so help those in need. >> you guys are a christian organization. many of the victims as we saw, this lady was saying where are the muslim organizations. when a christian organization is helping these muslim refugees, what is the view they have of western christian organizations offering them help? >> people have been very
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receptive. we have been working in somalia which is majority muslim country since for more than 30 years. and in fact, interestingly al-shabab, which came into the area in 2005-2006, we were working there at the same time, we are quite transparent of who we are. we are a christian organization. world vision serves people regardless of their faith background, hardless of their nationality. our bottomline is who is in need and serving them. >> you are indeed a terrific organization working all around the world. nathaniel herd with world vision, thank you for your insights today. >> thank you. >> to find out how you can help, log on to our website at
6:38 am coming up, could this be the philistine temple that was destroyed? exploring the ruins of the philistine place and what it tells us about the bible.
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>> israel may seem isolated and surrounded by those that seek its destruction, a group of christians wants the jewish state to know it is not alone. christians united for israel held its 6th annual summit in washington. erik stakelbeck was there. >> reporter: from u.n. declarations to middle east resolutions and iranian nukes tthreats against israel grow with each passing year. christians united for israel or cufi has kept pace since its finding. >> cufi is the largest
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organization in america, over 700,000 members. this year's washington summit mc's by cbn president michael little drew over 5,000 committed supporters of the jewish state. at the event, keynote speaker and cufi member glenn beck pledged $10,000 to cufi on campus. a student movement dedicated to fighting against anti-semitic and propaganda on college campuses. beck says when it comes to the persecution of the jewish people, enough is enough. >> it is time that the world declares, clearly in a unified voice that israel not only has the right to exist and exist as a jewish state. the jewish people have a right to live, right to defend themselves against all threats foreign and domestic.
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and for once and for all the good people of the world must remember there is a difference between good and evil and we must choose! [applause]>> cufi's founder pastor john hagee had tough words for the obama administrations over its treem to israel. >> the truth that americans don't want to face is this president obama is not pro-israel. he told o the jewish people in jerusalem they couldn't build homes in east jerusalem. the truth is barack obama has absolutely no authority to tell the jewish people what they can and cannot do in the state of israel. [applause]. ♪ ♪>> 1 of the most talked about features was a large
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holocaust exhibit created by students word of faith in north carolina. attendees wrapped up the summit on capitol hill lobbying members of the congress to stand with israel. [singing]>> from the cufi summit in washington, erik stakelbeck cbn news. archaeologist digging in goliath's ancient hometown have uncovered an altar used in biblical times. julie stall reports they are learning about philistine tull which you are and accuracy of the bible. >> in the bible, quest was known as the most -- arch enemy of isrealites. that is where they discovered the altar. >> that is the corner of a large stone altar. the biblical description the altar with the 4 horns. >> cbn news at the dig site when
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a korean theology student uncovered the first horn of the altar. >> beautifully made out of stone. this is an astounding find. >> prof. aren maeir of bar-llan university is leading the excavation and 100 archaeologist are part of his team. >> we are excavating here levels which date to the iron age equivalent to the period of the first temple in jewish history. very sophisticated culture. an urban-oriented culture. urban isrealites were simple twieb tribesman. >> goliath is the most famous residents. >> isrealites were facing a group of people probably much
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more organized, much more sophisticated and had the military upper hand. >> years before david killed goliath, samson took his revenge by collapsing a temple with his great strength. >> it is a philistine temple. it is reminiscent of samson knocking down the pillars. u>> other proof shows the destruction of the city around 830 b.c.>> hundreds and hundreds of vessels in these houses. we can connect this to an event, 2nd kings 12. the king of damascus campaigned, captured god. >> many won't say their work proves the bible, thoord deny the facts on the ground, julie
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news, tel es-safi, israel. egypt christians fighting for the future of their country. how they are teaming up with unlikely allies to help secure their freedom.
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>> protesters in egypt are calling for change. >> some believe the revolution is being hijacked by islamist. gary lane reports, country's coptic christians are joining the political fight from keep thatting from happening. >> another massive summertime protest in the square. this 1 after hosni mubarak. >> it is good news to go to the streets again. to protect the revolutions,
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muslim brotherhood hijacked the revolution. >> they are moving towards an islamic state. that is the belief of coptic spokesman magdy khalil and many other egyptians believe there is a political deal with the muslim brotherhood. >> they are looking to protect, their position, who can accept this situation. muslim brotherhood? muslim brotherhood won't look for plan to control whole egypt. >> magdy khalil says the brother hood is exchanging power and control. originally elections planned for september, the military council says they'll be delayed until november. more time maybe needed to overcome the political advantage to the better organized muslim
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brotherhood. >> the muslim brotherhood and others will win the majority seats in the parliament. christians and secularist don't want to see that happen. they are trying to slow this whole process down. they have launched a new campaign called constitution first. >> constitution first is like modern united states in 1867 muslim brotherhood and council, they support elections first and liberals and the moderate muslims support constitution first. >> christians an secularist fear if the parliamentary election is held first tmuslim brotherhood and other parties will write the constitution that will islamize egypt and impose sharia law. >> there is a majority of people today that would like the
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freedom and democracy. maybe not precisely the way that we have. real dangerous if we rush into this thing and give -- the muslim brotherhood could take over. >> to become a government similar to the islamic public of iran says congressman frank wolf. egypt's coptic christians say that would not be good for them. it would not be good for united states, for the western civilization. >> i think the coptic christians would be in a difficult spot. much more difficult than if the muslim brotherhood than with hosni mubarak.
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>> in the first few days of hosni mubarak, they faysed more than 60 attacks. >> christians are waiting for a thorough investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the bombing last new year's day, 23 people killed, 97 injuried. congressman wolf says it is time the united states become an advocate for them. >> there should be pressure on the administration to stand out with the persecuted and coptic christians are the leading point of the spear. if egypt trends the other way, the impact it will have. >> middle east expert wallid fairs -->> secretary of state
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announced they would begin arguing with the muslim brotherhood. >> they should be the partners of the west knowing very well their final goal is to establish an islamic state like iran or sudan or ultimately like the taliban. we need to have a change in direction in washington and brussebru brus brussels. >> we can create secular, christians in egypt and moderate and secular. >> that is the hope and prayer of egyptian christians and secularists. a political movement and pressure from the west to keep democratic revolution moving forward. gary lane cab can be news, cairo, egypt. >> visit us at we'll be back right after this.
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>> it is a sad fact hundreds of unwanted babies abandoned on the streetsover seoul, south korea and many don't survive. >> to set up a way for unwanted babies, news partners, cgnt v in seoul. >> on this street in seoul korea, a sign says place to leave babies. this is a baby box. a thick towel covers the bottom and lights and heating keep a baby comfortable. a bell rings when somebody puts a baby in the box and a helper comes to move a baby inside. this past year, 6 infants or small children rescued here. fiscally or mentally handicapped or from unmarried mothers.
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>> this note says he has this handicapped. i am sorry i am not able to raise this baby. i put him in the baby box of jesus loving union church. >> reports show 600 children are abandoned in the streets every year. only 20 percent of abandoned infants and children are rescued and placed in juvenile protection centers. hundreds are said to die on the streets. numbers of infant deaths are bound to get worse as the rate of children born to single moth irs increases. government efforts have not kept up with the need which is why christians developed the baby box. >> when the country doesn't perform their function, it is important to save the lives of babies first. >> reverend lee introduced it as
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a temporary solution to keep abandoned babies alive. >> there is no reason for the baby box to exist if the government takes care of the children. baby box should go. right now there is only action and lack of concern. >> reverend lee hopes better social services will make the baby box unnecessary. charlene israel cbn news. >> thank goodness that is there though. hard to believe there is something that like that is needed to save the lives. we pray for all those little babies abandoned. >> that's right. thanks for joining us. >> until (speaking in international language) and he said unto them
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go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause) 

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